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Was brain off sick when you thought up the concept of ‘menopause symptoms’


Dear Mother Nature (and this should be of interest to energy conservationalists and scientists),

Was brain off sick when you thought up the concept of ‘menopause symptoms’?

In particular the starring roll of hot flushes?

Is there one single useful reason for them?

Night after night of covers on,  covers off, covers on, covers off, knackered us, knackered partners, addled brains, baggy eyes and saggy tummies.
I suppose they are very good for sales of Chillows, high tec. airflow mattresses, fans, air con units, spray cans of water – not to mention black cohosh, sage and evening primrose oil. I guess they are a lucrative source of income for divorce lawyers too.

And surely by now, with all those scientists working on energy sourcing and conservation, all those politicians and business people looking into the rising cost of heating, SOMEBODY could come up with a way to at least make us feel its all worthwhile and channel the mega watts produced by millions of efficient female night time heat generators into something useful to keep us warm during the day?
We could be worth a fortune;  there is no down time during working hours – if it happens we multi task. We don’t need a designated place or equipment to produce it. No, its any place, any time, just ask your nearest lady of a certain age – yes, that pink one should be able to tell you.

Oh, and we ALL know that getting hot and sweaty results in weight loss,  glowing skin, shiny hair, better moods, sharper brain, better concentration and improved mood, stamina and sex life – what did you not understand????

Ach, enough all ready, I’m too tired, can’t concentrate and feeling way too grumpy, another time…

Always look on the bright side of (mid) life dada, dada dada dada 🙂

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