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Gourmet, plant based retreats & consultations

You are unlikely to have experienced anything quite like this before. An incredible range of dishes with a mind-blowing depth of flavours and textures. Less a catered retreat than a raw fine-dining experience brought to you by a private chef. Eat like royalty and feel like a picture of health.

For most of our residential clients, we offer delicious, gourmet plant based retreats. They are healing, nourishing and cleansing, whilst also satisfying the desire and need to ENJOY your food.

We also have the option of coming only for the food, relaxation and optional nutritional help without therapy..

What is a raw food diet?

A raw food diet is based on raw, fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The meals we achieve with those taste amazing and use first-class equipment, such as high-speed blenders, dehydrators, sous vide water baths, sprouters and masticating juicers.

We include some cooked food (unless it is not wanted), more so in the cooler months so meals can include some cooked vegetables, grain, soups etc – always, vegan, cleansing and delicious.

Every mouthful nourishes the mind and body, soothing and energising.

Our cleansing retreats do not mean going through a deep detoxification process, though you will be cleaning out toxins and reinforcing your immune system from the first meal. 

On the other hand if you want a deep detox this is the place to come. We can guide you gently into a deeper detox and back out of it in a safe and healthy way.

The depth and range of flavours are such that they would not be out of place in the finest Michelin star establishments.

What can I expect when on a (mainly) raw food retreat?

We adapt our raw food menu depending on how long someone is with us and based on their individual requirements.

We provide juices, smoothies, meals and snacks throughout the day to really pack those nutrients in.

Juices allow speedy absorption with minimal digestion. Green smoothies satisfy both on a nutritional level and alleviate hunger pangs (as well as increasing our stomach acids – all will be explained).

Snacks and divine raw gourmet meals are prepared with mostly organic produce and often fresh from our garden, to nourish you on every level, including pure indulgence!

There will be cake and chocolate, snacks and savoury deliciousness!

What effects can I expect from my raw food retreat?

You may experience a few little cleansing niggles on days 2 or 3 and we can help you through them and you will feel better as a result.

During your stay we provide, if required, nutritional and well-being consultations/discussions with Desri addressing any problems you have. All sorts of food or lifestyle-related topics can be covered, from feeding a family or what to take to work for lunch to avoid afternoon brain fog.

If you want to (some people don’t and that’s OK!) we can include advice about juicing, sprouting and creating delicious meals. You can learn how to substitute healthful ingredients and recipes to create better versions of your favourite foods enabling you to continue on your new path.

We will cover how to achieve that ever-elusive 5-10 fruit and veg a day, meal planning plus some food preparation.

We all need delicious and nutritious food!

Examples of raw vegan foods offered on our retreats:

My body had reacted so positively to all the nutrients you provided for us during our weekend with you. It was quite radical how already by that Sunday morning my body felt invigorated from within.

I could literally feel the vitamins energising me. The food was so delicious, such combinations and depth of flavour. I have never enjoyed vegan food so much despite eating at many great vegan restaurants.

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