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Easy, delicious, vegan recipes that are a dream to make and eat.

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To thrive on a plant based diet, eat well and feel satisfied, especially if we have busy lives, we need to be able to make delicious, vegan meals quickly and easily and that means having ingredients and recipes at the ready. Today I made fast and easy vegetable fritters with a herby sauce. This recipe […]

Renovations and Cashew cheese recipe…

cashew cheese and apple

Hello from renovation city ! The ‘little house’ is almost ready to camp in – just need to finish the bathroom floor, add shower, toilet, basin, tiles, door and we have a bathroom, my main requirement after a kitchen. Also need to finish laying the wooden floor in kitchen, stain and wax/varnish, add cupboards and […]

Feel better!

First things first. This post is the first of a few after the huge reaction I received to this Facebook post – “If you are feeling tired, achy, demotivated, tense, cranky, ‘your age!!!’ Sleeping badly, looking and feeling bloated, sad, down, fat, floppy, grumpy, mentally fudgy, slow etc etc and would like to change that, […]

I am so excited!

I’m just going to blurt it out. You are in for a treat and so are our friends and visitors and clients because… drum roll… I am enrolled on a course! It is going to be busy because actually I am enrolled on two! As anyone who knows me could have told you actually, why […]

Packed lunch for Aimee!

My lovely daughter asked for some tips for easy, tasty, fast and cheap packed lunches. Tired of the, and by the, sandwiches, wraps, even more supposedly healthy options available within easy reach of where she works in Paris she needed to get back on top of this. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal and function […]

Save me with savoury and when is a problem not a problem.

I just neeeeeed something savoury. I am so distracted by it I couldn’t even decide on my title. I don’t want juice or smoothies or chocolate or ice cream or anything other than something mouth-wateringly savoury! So that is salty, deeply flavoured, oily, maybe a hint of sweet to push those flavours even deeper. I’m […]

A bit of what you fancy actually does you good!

And we all know that is true don’t we? So, we are doing our ‘especially lean and clean’ week and it is going, as MM would say, very well indeed. We are juicing first thing. Well, after our lemon water. Green smoothies around lunch time followed by more juice (one I made earlier with the […]

Healthy AND delicious homemade ketchup recipe

Healthy Ketchup Recipe: Ingredients: 3 fresh (ripe) toms, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 stick celery, 1/4 red onion, glugs of apple cidre vinegar, 6 sun dried tomatoes (soaked), 3 dates, salt, pepper,  1/4 slice red jalapino. Blend till smooth. Taste……hmmmmmm, almost, not quite …added sprinkle chipotle pepper (kinda smoky), the other half of celery, 1 tsp […]

The mission – energy, sleep, weight adjustment, happiness – yey!

Another week begins. Let’s  renew our goals, write them down. Think about them, make them realistic and make them count – don’t have too many! We are still on the same mission, losing some weight, gaining a lot of energy, clarity, sleep, motivation. As we lose the ‘baddies’ (see earlier post) we will gain on […]

You want a burger? I give you a burger Diane!

Recipe for a healthy burger: Take one or two big portabella or field mushrooms per person and put in a shallow bowl or on a  baking sheet. Top them with lots of sliced onions. Mix some olive oil (about 2 tblsp) and a clove of garlic for each 4 mushrooms, add pepper, some chilli if […]

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