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House update and a recipe for you

Raw vegan pancakes

Hello, hello, it’s been so long! Quick update… we are in the house, the kitchen is gorgeous with its big, chunky, cool granite surfaces, I love working on them and they are perfect for photos too. The bathroom has a working shower, loo and basin but the bath is being used to hold towels …. […]

Getting juicy!

Day three of a juice cleanse and I feel oddly fine. No detox symptoms to date other than tiredness and a bit of a light head late on day 1 and part of day 2 – I am not remotely convinced it is because I am so pure and clean. No complaints from me though. […]

Balance, balance, balance!

So, I passed both my courses! It was so intense, why did I do two at once? Next time (have I said that before?) I will listen when told “they are both intense and it is best to do one at a time”… Anyway, despite getting really stressed half way into the photography course and […]

Packed lunch for Aimee!

My lovely daughter asked for some tips for easy, tasty, fast and cheap packed lunches. Tired of the, and by the, sandwiches, wraps, even more supposedly healthy options available within easy reach of where she works in Paris she needed to get back on top of this. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal and function […]

The great unmentionables!

I have had lots of conversations about my last post with people who related to various points. I am so glad we have had the many experiences we have had and can use them to help others! I did wonder for a moment or two if was a good idea to post about dealing with […]

Easy PEAsy lemon squeezy!

Ok quick recipe for an easy, delicious and nourishing dip – yes and low calories, cuts through cravings for creamy, cheesy and savoury and more I’m sure! Delicious and nourishing dip recipe, coming up: Method: A bag of frozen peas (defrost – not in the micro wave if you can help it please!) blend with […]

A little bit obsessed!

As long as I can remember I have been at least a little obsessed with food! I do remember being hungry as a child and I was not deprived, just burning it off fast and hungry before each meal – how often are we really hungry before we eat? Not often, try it and see. […]

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