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I am so excited!

I’m just going to blurt it out. You are in for a treat and so are our friends and visitors and clients because… drum roll… I am enrolled on a course! It is going to be busy because actually I am enrolled on two! As anyone who knows me could have told you actually, why […]


Next time you wash and condition your hair in the bath, especially using deep conditioner, remember the bath gets slippery! How many times have I thought that? Quite a few. This time I didn’t. Ouch. Bruised ribs, bruised boob. That’s all. Words of wisdom and experience. Be safe, be happy, don’t worry, sing, dance, don’t […]

Who are we to judge?!

I would like to have a bit of chat about people who judge – does that mean I am judging them? Maybe, maybe – anyway here goes… The way we live, the way we eat is often in question– we are what we eat, we hear that all the time. Actually we are made of […]

Who knew how many sides a chair has!

Robin, he who puts up with me, commented patiently this morning that I have the attention span of a gnat. It is true I like change. Regularly, however big or small. Hence having moved more times than I can remember and when a house is finished ( OK, when a house is nearly finished or […]

Paint ‘n’ onions…

OK so its not your usual combination, its not tripe n onions (yucky) or anything edible, but it is brilliant. I have a really bad reaction to strong paints, to lots of chemicals really – I am sure most of us do but we get used to it, which is not good. Anyway, even having […]

Sprouts, but not as we know them!

Going back maybe 30, no 35…oh, no… OK, lets leave it at that, years I had a flat and a friend of a friend needed somewhere to stay for a few weeks. I had a spare room, so my place it was. He was definitely a long haired hippy, quite a few of my lovely […]

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