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Nurture with nature


There is a so much going on at the moment in the world, in the house, in my head. I have spent a week working out heating wattages, where pipes can go on repointed walls, how things will work in the kitchen to leave space for a sofa in front of the fire. How to […]

What is that?

“It’s a Papaya”. “What do you do with it?”. Where shall I begin?! Here’s a few things you can do with papaya: 1 Cut it in half and remove the seeds. These are very good for killing certain parasites in the gut, I know but you probably have a few…at least…. If you are making […]

Balance, balance, balance!

So, I passed both my courses! It was so intense, why did I do two at once? Next time (have I said that before?) I will listen when told “they are both intense and it is best to do one at a time”… Anyway, despite getting really stressed half way into the photography course and […]

Packed lunch for Aimee!

My lovely daughter asked for some tips for easy, tasty, fast and cheap packed lunches. Tired of the, and by the, sandwiches, wraps, even more supposedly healthy options available within easy reach of where she works in Paris she needed to get back on top of this. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal and function […]

So, I was burnt out but now I’m Rocking!

Well things feel a little quiet around here. Last week was the Bleus Passions – the Blues festival- at Cognac, just down the road. It was super gooood! We saw Sinead O’Connor who was beautiful and sang like an angel, Beth Hart who was sexy ‘n’ sassy and sang like a rockin’ angel and The […]

We are back in France and we seem

We are back in France and we seem to have brought the sun with us ( though where we picked it up I am not sure!). We are here for three months, home sweet home, which is lovely. Lots to do of course but all very exciting. Contracts almost signed for the birth of Tatty […]

Dieting? Not me!

After my obsession post I had various views from people who were involved in potentially extreme things… religion, diet, anorexia. Maybe we shouldn’t bandy words about without meaning them. I am passionate rather than obsessed, though having said that I have been obsessed and I have used food as a way to give myself control […]

Sprouts, but not as we know them!

Going back maybe 30, no 35…oh, no… OK, lets leave it at that, years I had a flat and a friend of a friend needed somewhere to stay for a few weeks. I had a spare room, so my place it was. He was definitely a long haired hippy, quite a few of my lovely […]

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