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January clean up

exceptional fresh tomato salad

Happy, healthy, balanced New Year to you! After all that indulgent, caution to the wind eating and drinking it is time for a seasonal clean up for us. There are so many bugs including the dreaded super flu going around , we need to boost our immunity, sleep better as well as lifting ourselves from […]

Packed lunch for Aimee!

My lovely daughter asked for some tips for easy, tasty, fast and cheap packed lunches. Tired of the, and by the, sandwiches, wraps, even more supposedly healthy options available within easy reach of where she works in Paris she needed to get back on top of this. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal and function […]

Save me with savoury and when is a problem not a problem.

I just neeeeeed something savoury. I am so distracted by it I couldn’t even decide on my title. I don’t want juice or smoothies or chocolate or ice cream or anything other than something mouth-wateringly savoury! So that is salty, deeply flavoured, oily, maybe a hint of sweet to push those flavours even deeper. I’m […]

Flip it!

Its extra clean ‘n’ lean time again (why don’t we just keep it up continuously?!). Anyway, I’m not beating myself up about that I am embracing what IS. My first thought, as usual, “oh, I’m so excited!” closely followed by “Oh, I’m so deprived….”. Especially when in the book I am reading they are sitting […]

Who knew how many sides a chair has!

Robin, he who puts up with me, commented patiently this morning that I have the attention span of a gnat. It is true I like change. Regularly, however big or small. Hence having moved more times than I can remember and when a house is finished ( OK, when a house is nearly finished or […]

Paint ‘n’ onions…

OK so its not your usual combination, its not tripe n onions (yucky) or anything edible, but it is brilliant. I have a really bad reaction to strong paints, to lots of chemicals really – I am sure most of us do but we get used to it, which is not good. Anyway, even having […]

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