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The stuff trap

dream house

We work so hard to get the home we want. Our first home, then the next one with the extra bedroom and the baby. Then, a bit more garden and a nicer neighbourhood. We stretch ourselves on the mortgage and go bigger, better, a spare room, renovate, decorate, debate style and colours, textures and space. […]

Nurture with nature


There is a so much going on at the moment in the world, in the house, in my head. I have spent a week working out heating wattages, where pipes can go on repointed walls, how things will work in the kitchen to leave space for a sofa in front of the fire. How to […]

Doing or going to do – that is the question.

Lets have a word about procrastination, avoidance, distancing. A client came to me about ‘all the things he has to do, and that he was not succeeding or getting anywhere’. He felt between a rock and a hard place, nothing was working. We spent a lot of time talking and have spoken many times before […]

Packed lunch for Aimee!

My lovely daughter asked for some tips for easy, tasty, fast and cheap packed lunches. Tired of the, and by the, sandwiches, wraps, even more supposedly healthy options available within easy reach of where she works in Paris she needed to get back on top of this. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal and function […]

The great unmentionables!

I have had lots of conversations about my last post with people who related to various points. I am so glad we have had the many experiences we have had and can use them to help others! I did wonder for a moment or two if was a good idea to post about dealing with […]

More than a twist in your anxiety.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! There it’s out. That is how I feel right now. Frustrated, angry, guilty, shouty, sad, tired, tired, tired and too mad to even sleep a moment. When that anxiety raises its very ugly head the day hits a fast downward spiral. Its clear in a look, a posture, a smell, a tone that oh […]

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who was the spottiest girl of all?

We had dinner with old friends at the weekend, nothing quite like that relationship where you are accepted just the way you are however long it’s been. I was going to say ‘spots and all’ which reminded me of a snippet of conversation when I mentioned having been the spottiest girl in class. I was […]

Happiness starts with you!

Wealth is having love, kindness, a shoulder when you need it. It is silence with a friend, being comfortable in your own skin, sharing, caring, valuing and being valued just the way you are. If you constantly criticise you will feel constantly criticised. If you constantly judge you will feel constantly judged. If you belittle, […]

The mission – energy, sleep, weight adjustment, happiness – yey!

Another week begins. Let’s  renew our goals, write them down. Think about them, make them realistic and make them count – don’t have too many! We are still on the same mission, losing some weight, gaining a lot of energy, clarity, sleep, motivation. As we lose the ‘baddies’ (see earlier post) we will gain on […]

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