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Smash a mash.

Hello, hello!

How are you feeling? Have you followed anything here, changed anything?

Simply put, nothing will change unless you change something.

I know I am repeating myself but please don’t hold back until ‘all the bad stuff has been used up’, ‘after the holiday’, ‘after Christmas’ and all the other delaying tactics our heads can use. This is not a punishment!

Just choose better, mostly, now.

Right now stop reading and go and drink a big glass of water…..

Easy, useful, healthful.

Have a piece of fruit. If you don’t like biting into a juicy apple (pear, carrot, celery) cut one up and just have it on a plate next to you. Before you know you will have eaten it.

Pear salad low F
Pears and avocados

It’s the weekend in autumn, does that mean a comforting, big Sunday lunch or Saturday night pizza? OK, just change it up a bit.

Here’s a recipe to replace your stodgy mashed potatoes –

Multiply as needed but depending on the size of the vegetables this should serve about 4 or two for one meal and put the rest in a veggie soup tomorrow.

½ cauliflower

½ celeriac

Steam or boil (don’t swamp them with water, just enough to cover) with a lid on.

When tender, drain (drink the liquid or use it in your sauce or gravy) and put into a blender or bowl if you have a stick blender with

1 egg

A piece of butter, about 2 teaspoons or splash of olive oil

Pinch salt and a few grinds of pepper to taste.

Blend it all up.

Add, roughly chopped:

2-3 leaves of kale, calvo nero, chopped savoy cabbage or any dark green leaves

Pulse into the mash and serve!



Replace your pizza base with slices of aubergine with a splash of love oil smeared over them and roast until tender. When ready top as you would pizza.

There are lots of recipes circulating for cauliflower pizza base, look one up.

Use a stronger tasting cheese and less of it.

Don’t use pizza sauce just put slices of real tomatoes, a smatter of salt and a sprinkle of herbs on as your tomatoe base.

Et voila!

Two things today –


If there is one piece of equipment that I believe would help you have healthier meals it is a blender. A high powered one.

I use Vitamix and Blendtec. I have never used a Nutri Bullet but have only ever heard good things about them and they could be ideal for a lower price point and if you are not going to go the whole hog of grinding nuts, seeds, making flours etc. They also sound great for taking with you (I have been very tempted to get one for travelling, much easier than humping my Vitamix around!).

I am sure if you look on EBay or local second hand sale sites you could find any of the above at a good price because more people than I can count have told me over the years that they have a juicer in the back of a cupboard they never use and I am sure the same can be said for blenders.


Whilst it is important to MOVE it is equally important to rest. If you are healing mentally or physically, recuperating, dealing with and overcoming autoimmune disease or any illness you need to push the toxins out and you need to rest to heal.

On the internet there are loads of guided relaxations, meditations, peaceful relaxing music. You need to look around and try to find what suits you, some really irritate me which is the opposite effect to the one we are looking for! It doesn’t mean they are all the same; Take the time and then use it regularly.

10-30 minutes of deep relaxation, especially regularly, will make you feel so much better.

If you are working and feel that fatigue or stress creeping in pop out for a breath of fresh air or to a quiet place (the loo even) and take a few minutes out to just stop thinking. It might help if you could put a short meditation on your phone and use headphones. Make it happen.


Listen to your body and trust it to tell you.

Have a fun weekend x

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