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Round pegs, square holes revisited!

I wrote a critical post the other day, which I removed after a long chat with someone who made me think again.

I’ve actually had some really good feedback from it too, it struck a cord with many people but I want to qualify something.

One comment I made was this – ”

Imagine a fairy aura with all its shades of pinks, lilacs, blues and greens – if that was put under a sterile strip light, how ever modern and effective it was, the hues and shades would be flattened, you would hardly even see the glow.”

The criticism was of people wanting to question what I think and feel about my new business …. the point she made was that they have to do that so they understand me, if they didn’t understand me how could progress happen.

I had become defensive and didn’t see it that way at all, hence the post (very slightly in my defence, it has to be said we have all experienced people not wanting to understand or help and thinking they know best, but when I think about it now the difference was that they probably didn’t ask questions or listen!).

The moment I really GOT what this special and clever friend was saying is when she said,  “The people questioning what you are thinking and wanting to do actually questioned because they want to give your fairy the biggest, brightest, prettiest wings ever”.

Now that was talking my language ( she is very good at that) and it really hit home.

Im really glad she took the hour and a half of talking to help me remember that we have so many different languages because we are all motivated and affected by different things, sometimes we have to listen, translate and replay a few times.

Whats that metaphor – don’t tar everyone with the same brush I think?

And round pegs sometimes will squidge nicely into square holes!

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