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Private Stays

I feel like I came broken and have left feeling stronger and healthier…

Private Residential Retreats

Intensive help for individuals, couples or groups (family/colleagues etc) looking for profound, long-lasting and life-changing results.

Goals and Results:

Specific goals are set, with help if needed, during the first full session. If other issues are unearthed that impact the goals, as often happens, then these will be dealt with too.

The objective is to bring you to a full and impactful resolution in the shortest time required, you do not need to relive your traumas over and over again, sometimes for years.

There are faster, more effective and kinder methods to resolve issues that are spoiling your life and the life of your loved ones than are often used in traditional psychoanalysis practice. We want you to be out there enjoying life to the full as fast as possible!

I was afraid to face the demons of my past and felt ashamed of things that had happened to me but with their support and the, often long, processes I was able to unpack it all and deal with it. I used a lot of tissues, slept a lot (at last!) and left feeling infinitely lighter, actually happy and very hopeful for my future

Our Haven is by the sea on the fabulous Ile de Ré, just off the coast from La Rochelle, France.  Over many years this Island has been our place of refuge, to blow away the cobwebs, take time out to think, relax or recuperate. We are thrilled to be able to now offer it as a haven to our clients too.

Located in La Flotte, a beautiful small market town famous for its white walls and houses, its ancient market, pretty harbour and colourful hollyhocks lining the narrow streets.

For your residential retreat you have the private cottage to yourself. From here you can relax on your sunny terrace, walk or cycle to amazing beaches and the lovely harbour. Also, the surrounding countryside is lovely to explore with long cycle paths through the woodland and along the coast.

The pretty sitting room has large glass doors leading to a terrace with woodburner, table, chairs and sun lounger. There is a dining and kitchenette area, a TV with netflix and DVD player if required and selection of books.

Opening onto the terrace the bedroom has a very pretty and comfortable iron bed.

In the bathroom is a stunning wooden Japanese soaking bath. Relax and unwind allowing the stresses and toxins to soak away in the essential oil bath salts provided for you.

There is the option of staying in the 5 star Le Richelieu Hotel ten minutes walk away, please contact us for details and options.

If more than one bedroom is needed or for family groups we choose comfortable accommodation nearby.

One on One Therapy

One to one therapy

We help people unravel and overcome limiting beliefs and damage from their past. To deal with current situations that are difficult and sometimes feel hopeless. To have the confidence and calm they need to make decisions both big and small and to find their way back to being hopeful, with anxiety and stress under control and maybe with a plan of how to move forward if that is what is needed.

We can offer 2-3 sessions a day over consecutive days or spread them over time depending on your circumstances. This is one to one therapy via zoom for profound, long-lasting change. If you can combine this with rest and relaxation it can be very calming, restful and effective. If it is impossible to take time away from work and or family commitments you will still have the profound therapy help in a relatively short length of time so that you can make changes and feel better quickly.

You can see more about us here and about our emotional therapy here

Couples Therapy in France

Couples Therapy

True love rarely runs smooth!

Sometimes an outside therapist or coach is needed to help unravel issues and facilitate absolutely necessary communication and understanding.

Problems can arise out of boredom, the harsh reality at the end of the ‘honeymoon’ period, trust and jealousy issues, infidelity, infertility or conflicting choices, coping with a partners’ anxiety, illness – mental or physical, grief as well as unhappy and damaging situations brought about by families or friends.

The list is endless but the possibility of help is too.

Extra options available

  • There is the option of staying in the 5 star Le Richelieu Hotel ten minutes walk away, please contact us for details and options.
  • We can arrange spa sessions in the local 5 star hotel, just ten minutes walk away. Firstly you can enjoy the warm salt water pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. This is followed by a one hour deeply therapeutic massage by some of the best therapists we have tried. Finally, relax and enjoy a tisane in the salt lined relaxation room – utter bliss!
  • For a more dynamic experience, from April – October, we can arrange surfing or paddle board classes.
  • Yoga and Pilates classes can be arranged all year around either one to one or joining a group class.
The airy living room at Haven by the Sea at La Flotte

The Sitting Room

You can either relax and enjoy the bright and airy living room with views over the terrace and garden, or close the curtains (and the shutters if you wanted!) and cosy down in the comfort of a warm private space.

The Bedroom

The lovely bedroom has such a comfortable cast iron double bed with its own access to the terrace and garden.

The Bathroom

The Japanese soaking tub is a sensation! Deeply relaxing.

La Flotte

This coastal village is one of the most beautiful on the exclusive Ile de Ré. The La Flotte harbour is a 10-minute walk from Haven by the Sea.
Resolve your relationship issues at the HAVEN

Beaches around the corner

The Ile de Ré is surrounded by beaches. Some calm and some wild....take your pick!
Health and Nutrition

Fabulous food

Stunning gourmet raw vegan meals will have you wondering why would you eat any other way?  The perfect combination of expertly prepared and presented, delicious and healthy food from one of the leading chefs in the field.

Cleanse and Nourish

For guests of our residential retreats, we offer a delicious, high raw, gourmet, plant food diet. It is very healing, nourishing and cleansing whilst also satisfying the desire and need to ENJOY your food. It has been very highly reviewed by guests of past retreats.

That doesn’t mean going through an awful detoxification process (though we can offer more intense cleansing when required and long stay cleanses and detox), but you will still be cleaning out toxins and reinforcing your immune system from day one.

A plant based diet:

is made up of fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Most of the focus of our meals is on raw produce however, especially during the cooler months, we do include some cooked food too (we give the option). The meals we achieve using first-class equipment (high-speed blenders, dehydrators, sous-vide water baths, sprouters and masticating juicers) are amazing. Every mouthful nourishes the mind and body, soothing and energising.


We provide juices, smoothies, meals and snacks throughout the day to really pack those nutrients in. These are prepared with mostly organic produce, often fresh from our garden or local producers, to nourish you on every level including pure indulgence! In the cooler months especially, some cooked elements can be included.

Juices allow speedy absorption with minimal digestion. Green smoothies satisfy both on a nutritional level and alleviate hunger pangs.

Nutritional help

During your residential retreat we can provide, if required, nutritional and well-being consultations with Desri, addressing any problems you have. 

You can learn how to substitute healthful ingredients and recipes to create better versions of your favourite foods. This could enable and empower you to continue on your new path. We can cover how to achieve that ever-elusive 5-10 fruit and veg a day, meal planning and how to sneak nutrients into picky eaters.

An day-in-the-life of a residential retreat guest at Haven

NB: This is a simple example of a day: your stay with us will be tailored to your requirements.

  • On rising Help yourself to a large glass of fresh lemon in water.
  • 8/9 am Morning juice.
    Followed by a walk weather depending – optional of course
  • 9/10 am Breakfast followed by…
    Your first session of the day
  • 1 pm Lunch
    and time for you to relax
  • 2/6 pm Second formal session of the day. Depending on what you need this will be with either Robin and/or Desri.
    Afterwhich: Relax. Maybe use the pool, go to the beach (seasonal/location dependant) or to the local spa.
  • 4 pm Snack or juice
  • 6 pm Energy Healing, depending on time available and necessity.
  • 6.30 pm Evening meal
    – this is your time, until tomorrow.

An example menu at our residential retreats

NB: All meals are vegan
  • Breakfast Granola with seeds, nuts and berries or walnut toast, avocado, tomatoes and ‘bacon’.
  • Lunch Large mixed salad with fruit, seasoned nuts, roast vegetables and a delicious dressing or falafel with wraps, sauces and tabouleh.
  • Snack Milk ‘n’ Cookies, fruit or a chocolate macaroon (regime depending)
  • Dinner Tree nut Ravioli: beetroot, creamy cheese, herb oil

    Truffled mushroom risotto: Mushroom, truffle, garden salad

    Carrot cake, vanilla ice cream, physalis

    All meals can be taken in your accomdation, on the terrace or could be packed for you to take to the beach.

    Evenings are your own – take a gentle stroll, read a book, watch a film curled up on the sofa or make the most of a relaxing bath and early night.

    Sit outside and watch the sun go down, if its chilly we could light the outside woodburner and blankets are always available.

    Think about what is happening to you, what you want to discuss tomorrow. Maybe start to write a diary. Enjoy a guided meditation or relaxation.

    Teas and tisanes and filtered water are available to you at all times and we encourage you to keep hydrated.

    *We use superfoods and supplements as appropriate.

We can also offer a deeper detox of mainly fresh juices and/or lighter meals if required. This needs a stay of Minimum 6 nights, preferably 7-10 or longer depending on how far you want to go, your current health and what you hope to gain.

Options for private, couples or group stays:

If more than one bedroom is needed or for family groups we choose comfortable accommodation nearby.

You can choose to stay at the 5 star Le Richelieu hotel which is ten minutes walk from us. You then come to us daily for therapy and meals*. Please contact us for options and prices.

*The therapy retreats can be booked without meals if this part of the retreat is not important to you.

Please contact to discuss prices.

Intensive Emotional Residential Retreat: 3+ nights

Example 3 nights

Price: £1805 pp (approx 10 hrs 1-to-1 overall).

Includes all therapy, coaching, energy work (optional), accommodation, meals, juices and snacks.

Example 7 nights

Price: £4,350 pp (approx 25 hrs 1-to-1 overall).

Includes all therapy, coaching, energy work (optional), accommodation, meals, juices and snacks.

Cleanse and Nourish Retreats

Gourmet Raw Food Retreat: Cleansing retreats for a health boost, weight loss and regain your glow. Includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, juices and drinks (teas, pure filtered water, tisanes).

Example 3 nights

3 nights:  Morning walks plus approximately 2 hours of optional nutritional consultation, NLP and/or motivational coaching to resolve issues and move forward more healthily £955 pp.

3 nights: Morning walks plus approximately 6 hours of optional nutritional consultation, NLP and/or motivational coaching to resolve issues and move forward more healthily £1,325 pp.

Example 7 nights

Morning walks plus approximately 2 hours of optional nutritional consultation, NLP and/or motivational coaching to resolve issues and move forward more healthily £2,220 pp. With 6 hours of therapy/coaching of choice £2,590 pp.

We can offer a lighter regime and/or juiced fast resulting in a deeper cleanse/detox. Also available over a longer period of time if required. Please contact us to discuss.

NB It is possible for a couple to come without following the same program. For example, one person can have the one to one sessions and the other choose not to. We also offer couples and family therapy.

Other options for Residential Retreats.

Other accommodation
1) You choose your own accommodation (we can arrange it for you), from the local campsites (which are lovely) through to the 5 star hotel overlooking the beach (likewise).
a) You can then totally self cater
b) You can choose to have all meals at the retreat (which is where the therapy sessions take place) if you want to have the benefit of the cleansing diet as well as the therapy, we are flexible so we can discuss the options with you.
c) Choose to only have lunch provided between sessions.
Other meal packages
2) You can stay at the retreat and
a) Choose to have no meals provided at all.
b) Choose to only have lunch provided between sessions. 
c) Choose breakfast and lunch then to do your own thing in the evening (not recommended for people who are looking for a healthy break or wanting/needing to follow an alcohol free retreat).
SPA and YOGA retreats
If you are looking for a more holistic experience consider our retreat which includes our super healthy and delicious meal plan, our intensive and profound therapy plus some yoga and spa sessions. Usually 5-10 days.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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