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Plié – bum, tum and teeth, not forgetting pelvic floor!

Stand with tooth brush laden and at the ready.

Feet apart (second position in ballet)  – a good guide on width is that a) you don’t fall over and b) that when you bend your knees your knees do not bend beyond your toes.

OK, so wetted, pasted toothbrush at the ready, start brushing and bend your knees outwards. Do not roll your ankles in, if you can’t help it your feet are too turned out, they should be comfortably open at about ten to two.
Bend knees as far as you can go without flopping (so you’ve probably sunk about a foot, if that, unless you go to ballet classes each week) holding tummy in, raise big toes slightly and pull up through bum, tum, pelvic floor back up to straight legs and then smoothly bend straight down into a plié again.

So, using smooth strong bends and stretches, engaging legs, bottoms, underneath’s, tummies and BRAIN, so that you can multi task, plié away happily through your two minute brushing: result?   Clean teeth, raised bum, tight thighs, smooth inner thighs ( thigh gap might be a plié too far, but you never know and its helped along by the big toe lift), firmer tummy and, of course, that tighter pelvic floor.

SO ladies (and men) take second position and……. plié 1,2,3 and raise 2, 3…………………….. And spit!

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