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Paint ‘n’ onions…

OK so its not your usual combination, its not tripe n onions (yucky) or anything edible, but it is brilliant.

I have a really bad reaction to strong paints, to lots of chemicals really – I am sure most of us do but we get used to it, which is not good. Anyway, even having used ‘good’ paint the woodwork paints still smell strongly to me.

Onions are a treasure, did you know that if you put a cut one in a room with someone who has a bad cold/ flu/ bug, the onion absorbs the germs so you have less chance of being the next one with your nose in a hankie? Also if you put one next to your bed with the above, the duration of the illness will be reduced? Apparently so.

So, as you may know, we  (with a little help) are working madly to finish off the renovations to our house to open our healthful, restful, rawful retreat. It’s been a long job but we are really getting there now.

The first day of painting I suddenly had that burning sensation (which I had forgotten about, it was a bit of a shock) and I rushed to put cut onions out …. hopefully.

I went out and when I returned, quelle surprise!, the smell had dramatically reduced and no burning sensation in my wind pipe!

So today with 6 doors  and a long corridor painted I have onions in each door way and carefully placed up the stairs.

Eau de maison à la paint ‘n’ onions – lovely!


Paint 'n' onions!
Paint ‘n’ onions!


stairway to onions
Know your onions!


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