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Our Recombobulation regime, join us if you wish!

For a few weeks I am going to be posting every few days to say what we have, and are, going to eat with tips and life style adjustments plus recipes.

The reason, we need it and I have so many people who ask me for help, tips and have the same problems and needs we do. You are welcome to take part. Let me know how it goes, what you need and any comments (please be nice?).

"Hmmmm, this needs some work!"
“Hmmmm, this needs some work!”

Our Objectives:

To lose about 4 KG each, gain energy, sleep more deeply, increase immune system, reduce inflammation (aches, pains and stiffness), increase mental clarity and reduce stress.

Most recipes will be using very precise measures such as ‘some’, ‘lots’, ‘a handful’, ‘glug’ – if its crucial I’ll say but this way of eating really does mean you aren’t restricted, also as we have cut out wine, stodge and sugars for a lot of the week (what, didn’t I say?…), and everything we are eating is actually GOOD for us, we can be so much more generous with ourselves.

Day 1
FIRST things first!
Drag yourself out of bed and stretch, really, really stretch, it should feel good. If you shower or bathe in the morning, its a great start to finish with a cold blast of water, you can scream, thats OK! You will feel great afterwards (really!!).
Massage your head and face as you wash, really roll those knuckles into your cheeks and knead your scalp and neck with finger tips. As you dry rub vigorously ( you are helping break down toxins AND toning your arms ;-), massage your preferred oil or body cream in (more toxin breakdown, firming and toning going on), clean your teeth plie-ing as you do (men too, we all need a nice firm bum!) So all that should have taken maximum of 15 minutes…

I pint warm water with (if you have it – if you don’t get some for tomorrow!) a whole lemon squeezed into it. Optional optimisation: add a tablespoon or two of Aloe (build up to it a teaspoonful a day!). We will have this every day so be prepared. Make it before shower or whilst bath is running so its really absorbing and out of your tum before you have breakfast.

Whilst waiting for the kettle to heat do some body rolls, they will stretch and reposition your back, tighten tum, bum and legs and simply feel good. – Stand upright, stack your spine so its comfortably straight. Lift chin, stick bum out, hands on thighs, push bum back lowering chest towards knees, keep chin right up, slide hands down thighs. When arms are bent pull in tummy, tuck bum under, hunch your back so that it curves the other way (like a cat), shoulders rounded, chin on chest and roll up slowly stacking the spine vertebra on top of vertebra. At the top do it again. If that doesn’t work tell me,  Ill get one of the kids to do a little video and post it!

Breakfast – Me: Live yogurt, honey (Im using raw) 1tbsp ground flax, 1tbsp chia seeds, heaped tsp pollen, fruit – Im using banana and some mixed red fruit I’m defrosting over night. Rooibos tea (no milk or sugar it doesn’t need it).
Robin: Meusli (no added sugar), chia and flax, fruit as above with fresh squeezed orange juice on it.

Options – add or replace seeds with oats or meusli (without added sugar). Try to have the flax and/or chia its amazingly good for you for digestion and highly nutritionally beneficial but flax MUST be ground!!
If you don’t want dairy have the seeds, fruit, oats with coconut water/orange squeezed over/nut, rice or oat milk.

Snack if needed; small handful of raw almonds OR piece of fruit OR miso with sea weed in OR 2-3 of dates, prune or dried apricots

Lunch Green smoothy. For these I use a Vitamix which is a really strong blender – if you don’t have a strong blender I suggest blending all the soft things and eating the apple, cellery and even the greens but CHEW then well, you need to grind those leaves to get all the nutrients out of them! : Bananas, apple, celery ( 2-3 sticks), handful (FULL) green leaves and half an avocado OR a spoonful of coconut oil OR flax oil – for at work I like the mixed bag of watercress, rocket and spinach, ready washed). Drink as much as you want, put some in a glass bottle or flask for later if you can’t drink all at once – if you find you are hungry mid afternoon add another banana or two tomorrow (yep, green smoothies rock every day!

Snack as above

Dinner (Its day one so we are all motivated and being really, really good) – Spicy cabbage and cashews:
(just before we start I have to say this is when we always want a glass of wine for all those important reasons such as its been a stressful day, its been a good day, something really bad happened, something really good happened, its erm… Monday (fill in as appropriate) basically habit, boredom or the feeling that if we can’t we are deprived –  I happen to be a miss-matcher, which results in, if I can’t have something I want it even more, so we have found a big glass of ice cold water, sparkly is best, mixed with some ginger juice and agave or, for ease and deliciousness, Bottle Green Ginger and Lemon grass cordial cuts through that moment perfectly 🙂

Spicy cabbage and cashews
Chop finely half a red cabbage and half a white cabbage ( obviously this depends on the size, mine are organic and fairly small), put in a bowl.
Grate a carrot or two over the top.
Add 1/4 finely sliced red onion (or any, spring onions are good).
Grate or cube an apple, throw it in.
Chop or slice a red pepper and add.
Throw in a handful of raw (or at least natural) cashews.

Mix up in a cup some nut butter (I like using cashew for this) with some chopped chilli (or powdered, or chilli oil, use what you have and adapt to your taste), some flax and/or olive or sesame oil (not toasted), a squeezed orange and a crushed clove are garlic (optional) add some sea salt ( pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt) and pepper. Pour over the top and mix madly.
Chop up half a bunch of fresh coriander ( again depends on size of bunch and how much you like it!) and sprinkle liberally on top, mix again et voilà! Its cold but even on a cold night the chilli warms it and you up.
Recipe inspired by Markus Rothkranz.

Eat to your hearts desire, chew well, there will probably be some for lunch tomorrow (or dinner tomorrow night if its easier, this is all meant to be easy and made to fit your life style).

Need something sweet? Blend a banana, pinch of vanilla, some live yogurt (cows, goats, raw coconut, whatever), 1/8-1/4 tsp stevia or some honey – its like banana and custard. OR a couple of cubes of dark chocolate. I’ll do some really good raw puddings another time and post them with a link.

Just before bed a cup of warm water with a couple of TBSP Apple cidre vinegar in warm water and (if you want/have/can) a tsp passion flower powder mixed in.

Recipes coming soon!
Recipes coming soon!

Ill add to these as we go. I don’t want to over whelm us!

1) Drink green or herbal tea in place of numerous cups of black tea and coffee – if you can’t do without black tea and coffee try to avoid sugar and limit milk and have only in the mornings. Good substitutes are Red bush ( Roibosh/Rooibos), green, herb, hot or cold water with mint/lemon/ginger, dandelion coffee.

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