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Online Retreats

This retreat has truly has been a life changing experience and give it my highest recommendation

Intensive, private, online retreats for profound, long-lasting and life-changing results

Working one-to-one with a therapist via Zoom you can make significant personal changes and breakthroughs, from the comfort of your own home.

It is the next best thing to coming for a retreat, whilst saving the time, costs and upheaval of travel when you have other commitments. The sessions can be arranged daily or spread over a slightly longer time to fit with any schedule.

An example of an online retreat

Named as an “inspiring choice of online health breaks” by The Guardian in 2021, our online retreats have produced amazing results for our clients.

A week or so before, Desri will send a questionnaire for you to return and an introduction email. This includes suggestions on what space to work in and some nutritional suggestions to help mood, sleep and energy levels.
We aim to spend approximately 4 hours a day in sessions but there will be time for breaks and rest as needed. We listen to the clients needs and discuss it all before hand.

Benefits of an Online Retreat

There are differences between in-person and online therapy/coaching. Both are effective and we play to their strengths.

  • Benefit 1 The undivided attention of one of the best therapists in their field.
  • Benefit 2 Private session adapted your your specific requirements.
  • Benefit 3 Comfortable and secure environment
  • Benefit 4 Supportive and understanding atmosphere.
  • Benefit 6 There is no need to travel (reducing time, money and possible inconvenience.)

What can I expect in my online retreat?

We have had spectacular results working online. The therapies used are led by the clients needs. Online from home is more accessible for a lot of people. Check out our testimonials here.

Our online retreats provide speedy, intense help, over a period of two or more days.

Five-day online retreats are a popular choice: clients can spread their sessions over five consecutive or random days, whichever best suits the individual.

How much is an online retreat?

Prices are from £680 for a 2-day retreat of 4 hours a day but if 4 hours is too much we can adapt.

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss what would work for you.

NB: Consultations, online or in person, can be rescheduled up to 24 hours ahead in an emergency. Please be on time for sessions, online or in-person, by arriving five minutes before the session begins. If the client does not arrive within 15 minutes of the time scheduled, the session may be forfeited.

Are there any alternatives to our Online Retreats?

YES! Our Residential Retreats are an in-person alternative to our virtual retreats. We also offer Therapy Sessions without the ‘Retreat’ extras, either online or in-person and for those who require ongoing therapy and/or coaching.

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