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Onions again!

The other day my boy had a sore throat. He had a big rehearsal the next day, he sings, so that was a problem….

He did as Momma says and put an onion, cut in half, next to his bed.

He went one step further and put slices of onion in socks and wore them so the onions were on the soles of his feet. So clever.

Next day, all better!

Onions absord toxins and baddies.

Try it, you will see!

NB Do please realise that as onions absorb bacteria you MUST NOT use them afterwards!

Also never leave a cut onion out to use tomorrow. If you use onions in salads or other dishes use them immediately.

Be health aware people, enjoy your food and enjoy your health 🙂 xx

Naughty boy who put onions in his socks!
Naughty boy who put onions in his socks!

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