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Therapeutic-Coaching and Life Coaching

What is the difference between life coaching, transformational coaching, and therapeutic coaching?

Life coaching focuses on helping individuals set and achieve goals, improve their overall well-being, and enhance their personal and professional lives. Life coaching generally takes place on a regular basis.

Transformational coaching goes beyond setting goals and dives deep into personal growth and self-discovery. It helps uncover limiting beliefs, challenge your comfort zones, and create lasting change.

Therapeutic coaching combines elements of traditional therapy with coaching techniques to address emotional and psychological challenges. It’s like a dynamic duo of support and guidance.

Therapeutic coaching and Life Coaching

Our coaching services can help you navigate daily challenges such as lack of motivation, working with difficult colleagues or getting kids to cooperate as well as bigger life changes such as retirement, building a business, confidence to present in meetings (or arenas!) and coping generally in a difficult situation.

With the recent World events impacting our lives, people have become very aware of how these changes can cause havoc to our emotional and mental well-being.

Anxiety over jobs, money, missing loved ones, being cooped up with loved ones, homeschooling, loneliness and so much more is rife.

People are often more aware of how others are feeling (that’s a positive!) but can need some help to get to a good place themselves. This is where our life coaching and therapeutic coaching services come in.

Some goals, for example, could include: Feeling less anxious, overcoming burnout, dealing with grief, getting through the empty nest period, accepting redundancy or retirement, living with a teen, improving a relationship, losing weight.

How does Life Coaching work?

Our life coaching is supportive, but it is also results-driven, as with everything else we do. Our aim is to get a client into a place where their life is happier, healthier and worth living.

We set milestones and sometimes give homework: tasks for you to work on outside of your sessions. This might include having a conversation you’ve been wanting to have for a long time, pressing send on a job application, or taking that first step towards eating healthily.

If or when struggles arise, we work through them together.

Life coaching costs £95 per hour, with a pack of  6 hours pre-booked.  We off a 10% discount for a pack of 10 hours.

One session can last from 1-3 hours (this will be discussed with you). We find the best results are found with 2 hour sessions to begin with. 

Most life coaching clients will choose between 2-10 hours per month. 

Life coaching is most effective when continued over a period of several months.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation call to discuss your needs.

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