The Therapy Haven

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About the Therapy Haven

It’s luxurious but laid back, comfort and balance truly are at its heart…

The accomodation.

The private guest cottage has a private terrace and is situated in a small well-kept garden that leads to the house where we stay and all meals are made. At the back is an open, green common that goes on for miles, providing lovely, untamed space to walk or cycle. There are fruit trees too.

It’s a five-minute walk to the local beach and harbour or 20 minutes by bike to the surfing beach through small roads and woods. A ten-minute walk away, there’s a magical market which always deserves a visit. Bikes are provided.

On the terrace is a wood burner and we supply blankets, so it’s lovely to sit outside as the sun goes down even during the cooler months.

The Japanese soaking tub and essential oils and salt concoction Desri makes are second to none for deep relaxation and encouraging a good nights sleep.

The pretty bedroom has a wonderfully comfortable, double, brass bed (it has been said it is like sleeping on a cloud), with crisp Egyptian cotton bedding. The bathroom features a luxuriously deep, cedar wood, free-standing Japanese soaking tub to help the detox and deep relaxation process and along with the essential oil and salt concoctions Desri makes are second to none for promoting a good nights sleep.

There is an airy sitting room looking over the terrace with a kitchen area to make drinks (a variety of teas and tissanes are provided).  The décor is classic Ile de Ré style with soft painted walls, wooden touches and fine muslin drapes. There are dining areas inside and out, so you can choose, with the private terrace through French doors at the front and open green space to the back. There is a TV, wifi (which can be turned off), DVDs and a good collection of books provided.

Outside of our walks and therapy sessions we provide support when you need it and we also appreciate your need for quiet time, privacy and space.

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