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How We Can Help You

At Chateau de Mouillac, working either here or online from your own home, we achieve fast and meaningful results and educate you, providing you with tools and the mindset to put you on the path to live the life you want to.

Whether you are dealing with pain and/or emotional issues from abuse, in recovery, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, worry, anger, jealousy, grief, physical issues of weight gain, lack of energy, fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, digestive problems, illness, convalescence – the list is endless really – there are processes which can help you.

Are you feeling out of sync? Muddled up? Lost? Struggling to make things work personally and/or professionally?

Is life, or an area of it, not going the way you wanted, hoped, imagined it would? Are you feeling tired, achy, older, lacking vitality and that sparkle you used to have?

Maybe you are wondering what the point is and if this is all there is?

Do you have a problem worrying about things, excessive chitter-chatter in your head, overeating, under sleeping, bitterness, hurt, resentment, guilt or anger towards others…. or yourself?

Do you avoid mirrors or seek them out and criticise yourself? Feel unloved, unlovable, disappointed, lonely, abandoned? Do you have bad self-image or low self-esteem?

Are you anxious, depressed, highly-strung, discontent, burnt out? Do you feel bad things keep happening to you? Do relationships keep going wrong?

Maybe you are waiting for something to happen and hate that it never does, or even sabotage opportunities?

Or maybe you create negative situations, drama for drama’s sake, negative attention rather than no attention.

There are so many things that happen in life we don’t like and feel we have no choice about or no control over.

Using NLP, Strategic Intervention, hypnotherapy and other Emotional Therapy techniques, we dig deep and help you unravel and free you from the issues that limit you and hold you back from reaching your true potential.

If you do not wish to discuss something that has actually happened to you don’t worry. Interventions and processes can be used without context if necessary.

We aren’t going to stir up and wallow in the negative, you will be dealing with whatever it is, and not replaying and being re-hurt by it.

We will also help inspire, guide and motivate you to find and live the life you want to and deserve. If you already are living the life you want but wondering why you are not happy, we will help you to sweep back all the dirty layers that are preventing you from enjoying it.

Sessions can take between 1 and 3 hours. If more work needs doing we come back to it after a break.

You will never ever be left in a bad or difficult place.

This work can only make things better.

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