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Hard to get your 5 a day? No! Let me help…

Garden smoothie picked!

We are told time and again we need to eat our 5 a day – 5 fruit and vegetables.

We would be better with ten but they started with 5 so we would accept it, and sometimes it feels hard to do – it shouldn’t be.

One smoothie will take you almost there and this one is mostly just from the garden. Heres what I put in…

A pile of lettuce leaves from various types that have now sprouted, they are still useful for smoothies.

Plump purselane that is growing wild (soooo good for you, also delicious in salads!).

Leaves I pinched from the tops of some unsuspecting beetroot.

A hand full of crisp parsley, flat and curly.

A small pile of ripe plumbs warm from the tree.

And last but not least hand fulls of shiny, sweet and juicy blackberries.

I whizzed them up in the Vitamix with a mango that needed using and a windfall apple that didn’t look pretty enough for some to eat.

Ready in minutes!

So about 9 portions between three of us!

An easy smoothy that almost anyone would love and is silky smooth would be bananas, an apple or pear and half a lettuce ( try for organic). When we need more energy/calories, I add in more bananas, some nuts, adapt to your needs.

Slurp, slurp!

In health and happiness

Desri x

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