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Friday bits and bobs

Just checking in here, it’s been a week of readjustment and joy.

Sometimes news knocks us off balance, not because we are not happy about it, just because it means we need to change course a bit, reballance, reappraise, realign.

That is a good thing because it actually encompasses way more than the instigating factor, we rebalance everything as we adjust.

Often, most times, we don’t realise how stuck and repetitive we have become and this can (come on, usually right?!) be in negative patterns or in things that aren’t the best for us.

Over the yard arm drink, watching that boxed set again, beans on toast again, yet another sleepless night…

Whatever, they are not terrible in their own right although you might agree none of them are the best thing for you on a loop!

Maybe worth having a think and a look at your loops.

This week I have been doing a lot of dancing, yoga, guided relaxations, walking, it’s been gorgiously warm and sunny and lovely to walk in the autumn colours with the sun on your face. It is so good to move! I can’t stress it enough. It raises your metabolism, releases your happy hormones, lightens you and if you are trying to follow a routine it is quite meditative and takes you out of your loop because you are concentrating on something else. You don’t have to be a super duper dancer, just do what feels good to you. Move more than you did even if that means walking at a snails pace. Sometimes we need to push ourselves, a bit of firm and kind encouragment never goes amiss.

And so, a couple of easy, nutritious, non-inflammatory and satisfying recipes for you.

Bahain soup 1

Simple soup

I have given ingredient ideas, it is not rocket science, be easy, a bit more or less will be fine, adjust to what you have, it is all good!

I actually made mine with a 6 inch piece of squash, organic so I washed but didn’t bother peeling it, half a left over parsnip, 1 leek 1 miso stock cube, a pinch of cayenne, lots of pepper.

1 Butternut, or almost any squash. Depending on size use a whole one or part – you can judge!

1 onion and/or leek

1 parsnip (or turnip, swede, carrot)

1 miso stock cube

ground pepper

pinch cayenne or another chilli of you fancy some heat.

Chop it all up, put in pan and stir a bit over heat with a splash of olive oil. Cover with water, add stock cube and seasoning. Cook until all tender and whiz it up. I used a stick blender so I didn’t have to wash a whole blender.

Souped up-

Throw in a handful of frozen peas. By the time you serve and eat they will have defrosted and make lovely fresh little pops in your mouth.

Stir in a handful of baby spinach, by the tie its is on the bowls this will have wilted and be a great contrast to the silkyness of the soup.

A chunk of goat’s cheese in the bottom of the bowl (Robin loves this) goes deliciously melty.

A great dollop of yogurt (I use live sheep’s, I find goats too tangy generally but it could be a nice contrat for the sweet squash) plopped on top, especially if you used chilli in it.

Sprinkle with diced avocado, tomatoes, red onions and fresh herbs.

Drizzle with herb oil or a good plain olive oil.

Wrap and roll


Take a wrap, any wrap – Robin had flour tortillas, I had dehydrated flax and courgette wraps. You could make or buy coconut wraps, use corn wraps, Nori sheets or rice (spring roll wrapper) sheets, even make socca pancake wraps (lots of recipes online). Lets face it if you are eating bread you could simply make it into an over stuffed sandwich!

Pile on some greens – I used water cress

Layer up with coleslaw – I made a big bowl the day before using sliced white and red cabbage, cucumber, onion, red pepper, cellery and grated carrot with home made mayonaise

Add sprouted beans I used mung beans (instructions below – they are EASY, CHEAP, NOURISHING and go with anything!!)

Wrap it up and eat.

Pimp it-

Sprinkle of  spices, chilli, salt and pepper.

Scatter lots of chopped fresh herbs – mint, coriander, chives, basil, lemony sorrel…

Goats cheese (or feta would be good) rounded Robins out.

Boost the benefits with some fresh garlic in the cl-oleslaw or runn–bbed over the wrap.

Spread some humus, recipe here Tweak… and twerking would help too!

Sprouting mung beans

2 TBS mung beans (they expand a lot!) rinsed and checked for any little stones

Soak in a bowl of water (start with warm water for sweeter sprouts) for about 8 hours or over night

Drain in seive, rinse and replace in bowl.

You could put them in a jar with some mesh over the top. It’s supposed to makes it easier (so the perveyers of jars with mesh lids say) but I always end up doing it using a bowl and seive these days -so I suppose I have found that easier!

Rinse twice a day until the little tails are the same size as the bean. You can go longer but use before they grow a leave, you just want the tail.

Snack on them as they are or sprinkles with some pink himalayan salt.

Great alternative to crisps splashed with a little oil, apple cider vinigar and salt.

Add to soups, wraps, salads, stir fries.

You could add to anything savoury really!

Happy weekend xxx

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