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Frequently Asked Questions


No, we only work with one person or couple or family at a time.

You have your very own haven with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and terrace.

La Rochelle airport is closest to us, and we can collect you from there.

Alternatively, Bordeaux and Paris airports both have train links, and we can collect from La Rochelle railway station.

Eurostar from the UK can be taken from London to La Rochelle  and we can collect from the railway station.

Driving is easy with good roads in France so possible from other European countries including via ferry or the tunnel from the UK.

That is very unlikely. We provide juices, smoothies and meals that are filling and nourishing and there are fruit and drinks provided.  We are always happy to provide snacks too.

Don’t be, you are always in control. Being in either of those states simply focuses your attention, all choices are always yours before and throughout sessions.

Of course, we are often asked to do this as some clients need it, others simply want to be sure.

Confidentiality is paramount and nothing is discussed with anyone other than Robin, Desri and the client.

NB We would need to break confidentiality if obligated to in the name of public safety or the client’s health – e.g. if a client indicated they were about to inflict harm on somebody or themselves, or had committed a serious crime or abused children.

We do not provide alcohol and if you use it as a crutch we advise that you don’t but the space is yours and you can make your own choices.  If you are here to detox, juice fast or deep cleanse then no.

We advise that you take a break and if you are doing a full detox or fasting the answer is no. But if you on our standard regime are a one coffee a day person and enjoy that and it is not causing a problem go ahead.

The house and grounds are a no smoking zone. If you do smoke and want to stop we can help with that whilst you are here.

There are doctors, a pharmacy, supermarket various shops and banks, a post office, church, hairdressers and beauticians within a 10 – 20 minute walk. We can translate if needed.

We try to stick to a plan but always listen to our clients.

We encourage where needed and also recognise that sometimes a few hours or even a day (mainly applicable to longer stays) of doing nothing on the beach or cocooned inside is more important.

We work with clients to give them what they need but if a client consistently doesn’t turn up to sessions, eat their meals or meet up for our walks we will address this and help make a plan that works.

People come for our help and we make sure they get it whilst being sensitive to their choices.

Prices are from £950 for a two-day retreat. This includes:

  1. Two expert therapists/coaches collaborate to provide you with an entirely bespoke programme, made specifically for you
  2. Approximately 4 hours a day of one-to-one time
  3. Daily emails full of helpful information relevant to the client

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss what would work for you.

Places are limited, as we work with a maximum of two people at any one time.

We have several options for the Residential Retreats. To ensure the most effective benefits we limit the number clients staying at the Haven to a maximum of 2 at any one time. 

Emotional Therapy Retreats:

Long weekend (3 nights)

Everything that the Gourmet Raw Food Retreat offers PLUS approx 10 hours of one-to-one Intensive Emotional sessions.

Price: £2195 per person.

One week (7 nights)

 Everything that the Gourmet Raw Food Retreat offers PLUS approx 30 hours of one-to-one Intensive Emotional sessions.

 Price: £4350 per person.

Gourmet Raw Food Retreat:

Long weekend (3 nights)

Gourmet Raw Food Retreat: Cleansing retreats for a health boost, weight loss and to regain your glow. Includes luxury room, all meals, snacks, juices and drinks (teas, pure filtered water, tisanes), a nutritional consultation, Energy work session, guided walks and the use of all facilities.

Price: £1355 per person.

One week (7 nights)

Gourmet Raw Food Retreat: Cleansing retreats for a health boost, weight loss and to regain your glow. Includes a private cottage, all meals, snacks, juices and drinks (teas, pure filtered water, tisanes).

We also include nutritional advice and plan making consultations so that you can continue improving your health when you go home. Energy work sessions or emotional therapy if needed (if you decide you’d like more of these they can be added at additional cost) and most days we go for lovely walks.

Price: £2990 per person.

We regularly have clients staying up to 3 weeks at a time.  Please contact us about pricing for longer stays.

Please note that it is possible for two people to come together without them both having to follow the same programme. For example, one person can have the Intensive Emotional stay, whilst the other has the Gourmet Raw Food Retreat.

CONSULTATIONS for online or non-residential therapy:

NLP,  Hypnotherapy and Emotionally focused therapy: We offer therapy sessions at £100 an hour, and sessions can last between 1 to 3 hours.

Nutritional consultations: £75 per hour

Life coaching: £100 per session, with a 10% discount for 6+ hours pre-booked, 15% off for 10+ hours.

For weekly Life Coaching sessions of at least one hour, booked for several months, a 20% discount is applied.

DISCOUNTS: Bookings can be made in blocks of hours and discounts are applied for multiple hours purchased: 10% off 6+ hours, 15% off 10+ hours. One session can last from 1-3 hours.

NB: Consultations, online or in person, can be rescheduled up to 24 hours ahead in an emergency. Please be on time for sessions, online or in-person, by arriving five minutes before the session begins. If the client does not arrive within 15 minutes of the time scheduled, the session may be forfeited.

Other options
Other accommodation
1) You choose your own accommodation (we can arrange it for you), from the local campsites (which are lovely) through to the 5 star hotel overlooking the beach (likewise).
a) You can then totally self cater
b) You can choose to have all meals at the retreat (which is where the therapy sessions take place) if you want to have the benefit of the cleansing diet as well as the therapy, we are flexible so we can discuss the options with you.
c) Choose to only have lunch provided between sessions.
Other meal packages
2) You can stay at the retreat and
a) Choose to have no meals provided at all.
b) Choose to only have lunch provided between sessions. 
c) Choose breakfast and lunch then to do your own thing in the evening (not recommended for people who are looking for a healthy break or wanting/needing to follow an alcohol free retreat).
SPA and YOGA retreats
If you are looking for a more holistic experience consider our retreat which includes our super healthy and delicious meal plan, our intensive and profound therapy plus some yoga and spa sessions. Usually 5-10 days.
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