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First in the battle against the baddies is to gather the goodies

The war against the baddies begins by having the goodies abundantly available so I’ve compiled a shopping list. You will probably have some of it already.

Shopping with a halo :)
Shopping with a halo 🙂

You can swap things out (not like crisps in place of apples or wine in place of water though), you can religiously follow or just use what I write and eat as a guide. Up to you.

The main thing to remember is if you want to lose weight you need to change something.

If you move more (a lot more) and eat less AND/OR differently consistently you will lose weight, look better, feel better and depending how far you choose to go really make some massive changes to your health.

So here is a useful shopping list. A list of things that you can use for an instant snack, to throw together something quickly to eat, or to take your time to make a meal.

We need to have something easy and fast when we are hungry before we are tempted by fat, salt and sugar laden snacks and quick bites – stodge by any other name!

Please remember that if you can buy organic you don’t need to peel your veg ( not even the squash) and you will have a lot more nutrients than you would in non organic. If you are buying local its likely to a bit be fresher.
Carrots, celery, cucumber, onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, a whole squash, courgettes, aubergine, parsnips/swede/celeriac choose which you like.
Apples or pears, lemons (one a day), bananas (at least one a day), berries ( frozen are fine), any fruit you like.
Herbal help: fresh coriander, chives, dill, parsley, mint. Dried Italian seasoning, coriander, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon – choose your favourites.
Good quality strong cheese ( so you use less of it but still enjoy the flavour).
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned or dried chick peas or red kidney beans (your preference)
Really good cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Flax oil ( keep it in the fridge)
Ground flax seeds (Holland and Barrett do it)
Chia seeds              ”               “
Apple cidre vinegar (try to get one with the mother – the cloudy bit – in it)
Balsamic vinegar
Oily fish (salmon, mackerel, trout – ask for it in a bag ready to cook and yes it is OK to have the free butter just have one for two fish)
Chicken or another lean meat.
A jar of Miso

Packet of sea weed – Nori sheets work best.

The main meal recipes I suggest for the next few days are;

Fish cooked in the bag (from the fish monger, not the boil in a bag in sauce stuff:) with a big salad and baked sweet potato.
Roasted mixed vegetables topped with an egg or scatter of flavoursome cheese (with optional salad)
Aubergine pizza (its great and good!).
Stir fry (with salmon or chicken or another lean meat of your choice)
A veggie soup for dinner, lunches, snacks, whenever you want something warm, comforting and filling.
Tonight I have chopped up an aubergine, a red pepper, an onion, a carrot, a courgette, a couple of small beetroot and a chunk of the squash ( all organic and so all with the skin on!). Tossed it all in some olive oil, cumin, turmeric, sea salt and pepper and pushed into the oven and it has cooked whilst Ive been writing this. I’m going to sprinkle some extra strong cheddar over it and serve it with crispy sunflower sprout and pea shoot salad with a sweetish dressing.
Tips for life : Move – any which way:  yoga ( there is a type of yoga to suit most people), dance!, gym, team games, swim, walk, run, play around with kids or dogs.
Im loving the Nike Training app (OK loving it is reaching – I love it AFTER I have done it!!) also the ‘7 min WC’ app – I can never find an excuse not to find 7 minutes for that one 🙂
Bon appetit.
More recipes to follow!

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