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Couples and Family Therapy

This retreat has truly has been a life changing experience and give it my highest recommendation

Intensive therapy for couples or groups (family/colleagues etc) looking for profound, long-lasting and life-changing results.

We have spectacular results working online. The processes, similar to the ones we use during our residential retreats, are led by the clients needs.

We can help with a range of challenges from emotional and mental health, relationships and life changes, to dietary and nutritional problems.

Whether coming to us on retreat or having therapy or coaching sessions from your own home, we achieve fast and meaningful results. Our sessions provide you with the tools and the mindset needed to put you on track to live the life you need to and have the relationships you desire.

Goals and Results:

A clear intention for specific goal(s) is (are) set, with help if needed, either in the free strategy session or during the first full session. If other issues are unearthed that impact the goals, as often happens, then these will be dealt with too.

The objective is to bring you to a full and impactful resolution in the shortest time required, you do not need to relive your traumas over and over again, sometimes for years.

There are faster, more effective and kinder methods to resolve issues that are spoiling your life and the life of your loved ones than are often used in traditional psychoanalysis practice. We want you to be out there enjoying life to the full as fast as possible!

We cover many specialist areas in our sessions, including but not restricted to:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationships problems and breakdown
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Weight control & nutrition
  • Boarding School Syndrome
  • Burnout

The online sessions can be planned as sessions over a series of consecutive days (this gives excellent and fast results) or spread over weeks and months.

Clients often choose 3-5 consecutive days, with a couple of 2 hour sessions each day, followed by a series of 1-2 hour therapeutic coaching sessions (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) to guide and support as they make changes.

Online retreats * We can create a retreat-like experience in your own home with advice on preparing your environment, nutritional suggestions and self care recommendations as well as a series of approximately 4 hours a day of one to one online sessions.

Relationship Therapy

Life throws us challenges, as do relationships. Most can be solved and dealt with to a satisfactory conclusion and therapy and/or coaching can help that conclusion be reached more quickly and more comfortably.

We can work with 2 or more people using zoom. This can be with the people involved being in one place or not, just so long as everyone has a comfortable and safe space where they are able to talk openly. Sessions will vary from being private with an individual, to being with more members of the group or couple, depending on what is needed.. As with the residential retreats, a questionnaire is sent before the retreat to each person involved so that we can plan ahead and then the sessions will evolve depending on what presents as the issues are revealed and delved into.

Relationship Therapy in France
Couples Therapy in France

Couples Therapy

True love rarely runs smooth!

Sometimes an outside therapist or coach is needed to help unravel issues and facilitate absolutely necessary communication and understanding.

Problems can arise out of boredom, the harsh reality at the end of the ‘honeymoon’ period, trust and jealousy issues, infidelity, infertility or conflicting choices, coping with a partners’ anxiety, illness – mental or physical, grief as well as unhappy and damaging situations brought about by families or friends.

The list is endless but the possibility of help is too.

Family therapy - parent-child, siblings etc

We can help with communication, understanding, building respect and boundaries and dealing with problems that come up due to conflict, trauma, mental health issues and general disharmony that upset and disrupt family life. From simply annoying and distracting situations to deeply damaging ones, we can help.

Divorced Couples Therapy - Image is sprout

Divorced Couples Therapy

Divorce, in most situations, doesn’t have to be the end of what began as a good relationship.Whether or not there are children or animals involved it is helpful to really work through any issues so that hurt, disappointment, jealousy, guilt, shame etc aren’t going to negatively influence your new lives.

If divorced couples are co-parenting, possibly with other partners and extended families involved, it can be helpful to establish the best way forward and have support if dealing with less than ideal circumstances as they arise.

Blended Family Therapy

Blending two families (or more) can be stimulating, rewarding and full of new and exciting dynamics as well as confusing, fraught and very difficult!

We can help you navigate the route to harmony, however bumpy the road.

However much love there is between the couple blending the families, that doesn’t guarantee it will be easy and that there won’t be problems between themselves. It can be all too easy to give up when trouble arises, jealousy, competition and even complete rejection by children or other family members can cause huge hurt and upset. We can help limit the damage, even if the people causing the damage are not involved in the therapy, though of course it would be great if they were.

Blended Family Therapy

Benefits of working with us online

There are differences between in-person and online therapy/coaching. Both are effective and we play to their strengths.

  • Benefit 1 The undivided attention of one of the best therapists in their field.
  • Benefit 2 Private session adapted your your specific requirements.
  • Benefit 3 Comfortable and secure environment
  • Benefit 4 Supportive and understanding atmosphere.
  • Benefit 6 There is no need to travel (reducing time, money and possible inconvenience.)

Costs of therapy and coaching

Prices for an online retreat* are from £1,020 for a 3-day retreat of approx. 4 hours a day including preparation, set up, nutritional and selfcare information by email.

  • Private Therapy (using any or all the therapies available on our retreats) £95 /hour

    (sessions can last between 1 to 3 hours)

  • Private Coaching or Therapy £95 /hour

    (focusing on relationships, health, weight and nutrition, business, public speaking, mental health, burnout, stress, anxiety or whatever you need)

  • Couples Therapy (using any or all the therapies available on our retreats) £125 /hour

    (sessions can last between 1 to 3 hours)

  • Group therapy/ Coaching £150

Therapeutic Coaching is a mix of the above. Basically if you sign up for coaching and need some therapy, with your agreement, we will include it and vice versa.

Sessions can be made in blocks of 6 hours.

A discount of 10% is applied for 10 hours purchased. One session can last from 1-3 hours (most often we suggest  2 hours for best effect).

NB: Haven on Earth Ts and Cs: Consultations are paid for at the time of booking. Any consultations, online or in person, being cancelled within 24 hours or a no-show will be forfeited. Please be ready for sessions at the time arranged, online or in-person, 5 minutes before the session begins. If the client does not arrive within 15 minutes of the session time the session is forfeited. Discounts are only available as stated above or using occasional discount codes complying with their specific criteria. Discounts can not be given in retrospect.

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss what would work for you.

NB: Consultations, online or in person, can be rescheduled up to 24 hours ahead in an emergency. Please be on time for sessions, online or in-person, by arriving five minutes before the session begins. If the client does not arrive within 15 minutes of the time scheduled, the session may be forfeited.

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