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5 easy things to do with an avocado – with benefits!

Avocados love hearts
Avocados love hearts

Five things to do with an avocado

Life is busy, often frantic and the fastest, easiest and most effective things do not have to come out of a bottle or a packet or cost a fortune.

Avocados are a perfect fruit. I am told we could live on them alone (hey, come on, borrrrring!) so quickly discarding that thought here are 5 top things to do with them, I have so many more but five is your limit for today, don’t want to bore you…

1 As the picture depicts LOVE ‘EM! Just as they are, with a sprinkle of natural mineral salt (especially Fleur de sel – yum), and/or a good squeeze of lemon, or a sprinkle of vinaigrette (the stone hole is a perfect reservoir).

2 Whip them up with a splash of lemon or cider vinegar, some salt and pepper and a handful of herbs to make a dressing for salad, pasta or a dip to dip anything into. Vary the herbs for different flavours.

3 Easy guacamole – mash the avocado, squeeze a lemon over, add chopped onions and tomatoes and fresh ( or frozen) coriander – perfect lunch or snack, starter or apero with wholemeal pitta bread, chopped up veggies or even a spoon!

4 If you open one and its over ripe or gone black don’t throw it away! Mash it up and squidge it through your hair. Wrap in cling film or a shower cap with a towel over the top and leave for 20 minutes or more then shampoo off. Hair and skin love the natural, rich oils.

5 Leading on from above; mash one up and rub over your skin. Exfoliate first then just smear it on. Leave for however long you have then shower it off.

avocado recipe
Ready in minutes, how could you resist?
So there you have it, five of my favourite and easiest ways to high nutrition, shiny hair, smooth and supple skin and a meal in minutes that doesn’t sit on your hips…. unless you smear it there 🙂
In great health and happiness,

Desri xx

Not a good look but tastes OK!
Outtake, eating the evidence!

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